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Recurring Minor Characters

Major Characters - Minor Characters

Aaron "Nicole" O'Connor
Gender: Male (gay)
Religion: Buddhist

Nicole was a randomly-generated character who appeared in Concession #3. He quickly became a fan favorite and returned in #17, a strip that revealed Joel's bisexuality. He has since joined what is regarded by some as a secondary cast, alongside other RGCs such as Cecil and Anthony.
Nicole is a happy, somewhat flamboyant character. He's not as big a slut as Joel is, but he manages to get around quite a bit. He tries very hard to get Joel to get into a more serious relationship with him, but all efforts thus far have been futile.

Raj Jansen
Gender: Female (straight)
Religion: Church of the Animal Christ

Raj is the second-oldest living member of the Jansen family, and due to the fact that the elder, Mariam, is generally too old and tired to exercise authority, Raj acts as the ruling power. She is rather disgusted with Mariam's rule of the family, and taking example from the previous elder, Zule, she has tried her best to instill a strong sense of loyalty in the family, craving the old days of the caste-system she grew up in.
She puts heavy value on the worth of her blood and in personal honor.
Raj first appeared in #34, where she proceeded to abuse Roland and Thonnen. She hates Thonnen, just as she hated Thonnen's mother for marrying a man from the Turunen clan, a rival clan.

Chelsie Warner
Gender: Male
Religion: Church of the Shepard

Chelsie is a small sheep boy who was left behind in the movie theater by his parents in #41. After discovering that her entire family had suddenly perished (in three apparent coincidences), Artie took him home for the night. The exact details are unknown, but the two of them then apparently had sexual intercourse, and thus Artie learned of Chelsie's true gender (they had assumed the child was a girl, what with the dress and the name Chelsie, and everything). They then left him in the care of Tim, the priest of the church Chelsie regularly went to.
No one really knows the details behind Chelsie's past - why he's a boy but is treated like a girl, or what would make him so unapologetically sexual and violent at such a young age...

Kane Woods
Gender: Male (gay)
Religion: Church of the Animal Christ

Kane was called to the theater in #43 to deal with the lost child, Chelsie. Upon arriving, however, he found himself suddenly re-united with Joel, who he had met in a dark alley two months prior.
Joel was only trespassing at the time, but he put up a chase, and the two started to fight. Kane won - Joel would say he let him win - but the two never made it to the police station, and spent the night together in the back seat of Kane's cruiser.
Since then, Kane and Joel have held a complex friendship.

Tim McNeil
Gender: Male (straight)
Religion: Church of the Shepard

Tim provided face-to-face confrontation to Joel for a few comics, starting with #62. He has accused Joel of being responsible for the death of Chelsie's parents, although he cannot prove it.

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