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Species: Wolf
Gender: Male
Religion: Spiritual/Satanic
Occupation: Concession Stand

Favorite movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Favorite band: Moonspell
Favorite blood type: O-

A motto describing Joel's life philosophy could easily be "I am my own god"; indeed, he lives mainly by his own system of morals and ethics, and his primary concern is himself. Most of his actions are done for reasons only he knows, with a goal intended purely for himself. His intentions are rarely made obvious, but his mind is full of convoluted plots and schemes, some of which will take years to come to fruition.

When not in school, Joel lives at home with his mother, a county clerk working under the state's govern er. Joel has one living brother, Julian, who has long since moved out to run his own business. His father is dead, presumably by suicide.

When it comes to love, Joel does not make an easy partner. Though he has multiple sexual partners with very minimal drama, his past relationships (though few) have been dramatic and somewhat dangerous. His only real relationships have been with women - many guys have tried (Nicole has been persistent in this goal), but Joel seems unable to take his relationships with males seriously.


Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Religion: Church of the Shepard
Occupation: Concession Stand

Favorite candy: Fruit Roll-Ups
Pirate or ninja? Ninja
If he was a girl, his name would be: Melissa

Matt is an only child who has led a quiet, somewhat sheltered life up until he got into college. His gentle and innocent nature made him an easy target for abuse in his youth, and his incessant habit of forgiveness (a Christian trait) made it difficult for him to change that fact for quite a long time. His unpopularity never really bothered him, though, due to an almost infinite optimism.

He makes friends easily, and so those who weren't inclined to make fun of him found him to be a very good companion - very loyal, though not fully reliable due to clumsiness and forgetfulness. However, the tight circle of friends Matt was able to keep through middle and high school almost entirely abandoned him early senior year after a serious summer-time drama, the reason for which Matt still refuses to discuss.

Matt lives on campus at the same college Joel goes to, and out of school he lives with his parents.

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Species: Mouse
Gender: Male
Religion: Atheist
Occupation: Stand Supervisor

Favorite book: The Stand, by Steven King
Preferred superpower: Telekinesis
Boxers or briefs? Briefs

Though a very careful, intelligent person, Artie's life is punctuated by many events of really, really bad luck. His father was taken by cancer, and shortly thereafter, Artie himself was diagnosed with the same type of cancer. At first declared soon for death, his mother, so stricken with grief, hung herself on Artie's birthday.

Despite his bad luck, Artie has lead an otherwise decent life - keeping good friends and a series of fine women (cancer is a wonderful ice breaker).

When not being a victim of circumstance, Artie spends his time reading and writing, hoping someday to become a professional novelist. He currently studies business in a local community college (it's all he can afford).


Species: Dinosaur
Gender: Female
Religion: Church of the Animal Christ
Occupation: Concession Stand

Favorite position: Cowgirl Position
Favorite anime: Ouran High School Host Club
Favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food

Though not necessarily smart by most people's standards, Angie is known to be a very lovable, very friendly person. Rarely one for violence, she tries her best to make people get along peacefully - sexually, where possible.

She has known Joel from late elementary school, and met Rick in middle school. She and Rick started dating Junior Year in high school and have been together since. It's a very open, laid-back relationship though - both of them are open to have sexual relations outside the relationship. Rick rarely does this, but Angie very often takes advantage of the situation.

She goes to a small, local college, studying both fashion design and cosmetics.

(the keyhole panties Angie is wearing are official merchandise of the band Vera Mesmer)


Species: Ring-Tailed Lemur
Gender: Male
Religion: Church of Lilith
Occupation: Usher/Cleaning

Favorite movie: Wedding Crashers
Current ring tone: The Thong Song by Sisqó
If he could be a pokémon: Scyther

Rick's life has not been very stable - at a young age, his parents got divorced, forcing him and his father to move across the country many times and separating Rick from his sister Kate. His father remarried in time for Rick to enter middle school, where the family finally managed to settle back down in the town where they now live. As Rick entered high school, his sister had moved in with them, their mother having been declared legally insane.

Rick has had trouble with love - unable to really feel for anyone he was with - until he met Angie, who he describes as the first female he had ever felt real love for. Through Angie, he also met Joel, and the two quickly became close friends.

He has been an avid drug user for years now, but despite having almost been arrested for drug trafficking (Joel helped him out of that one), he claims himself to be very responsible with them.

den Adel

Species: Zebra
Gender: Female
Religion: Kemetic
Occupation: Box Office

Political affiliation: Democratic
What did she want to be when she was little? Astronaut and/or Lion Tamer
Her human persona would be: Native American

Kelly is a quiet, reserved woman, satisfied with spending her time reading or, more often, lost in her day dreams.

She lived with her single mother until she came out of the closet at age 16 and was promptly kicked out of her house - luckily, her more liberal aunt and uncle took her in, where she lived with her three cousins until half-way through college, when she moved across state to live with her then girlfriend. Their relationship collapsed over time, but she was able to keep living on her own with the help if this job and some careful adventures with the stock market.

She studies law locally and hopes to get into politics later in life.


Species: Panda
Gender: Male
Religion: Church of the Animal Christ

Favorite superhero: Green Lantern
Weapon of choice: Chainsaw
Smooth or chunky peanut butter? Smooth

David has been in and out of different businesses his whole life, skipping college and instead opting for a position in his father’s company (a pharmaceutical company), where he stayed for a few years, leaving soon before the company got sued (something about sexual malpractice…) He has been manager of this particular concession stand for about eight years now, though he has fleeting hopes of starting his own business someday.

He has no children and very little remaining ties to his family, but has one ex-wife, an intelligent gazelle woman who left him to study wild life in The Amazon. She has not been heard from since.

le Fay

Species: Pangolin
Gender: Male
Religion: Atheist
Occupation: Art Gallery Moniter

Favorite art movement: Dadaism (it makes him laugh)
Instruments he can play: Guitar, Flute
Want to have children? Someday, hopefully

Roland is an art student and Joel’s room mate in college. He is normally a somewhat nervous person, but in the right circumstances can be almost abrasively honest, thriving upon the opportunity to be mean and then retreating back to the sidelines.

His father died at a young age, and so his mother was forced to support him and his sister, Rhoda, alone. It became too much for her, though, and so she decided to return to their families roots in France. Roland refused to go, and so was left in the care of a friend of the family while his mother and sister returned to France.

He hasn’t had much luck with love, failing to find anyone who was suitably artistic - someone to challenge him. Meeting Thonnen, then, was a great stroke of fortune for him.

Roland studies graphic design, seeing it as the most profitable art and, thus, the most logical to pursue.


Species: Dinosaur
Gender: Female
Religion: Church of the Animal Christ
Occupation: Freelance Artist

Favorite art movement: Cubism
If she could live anywhere in the world: Russia
Ever wear make up? Would rather die

Thonnen, another artist, is considered a black sheep within her family. After a train crash took out the rest of her immediate relatives, she became the last in a line of particularly important genealogy, making her an invaluable commodity. Unfortunately for the elders of her family, she disagrees - she hates her family, hates her blood, and never plans to breed. She has never dated another dinosaur and had made a point to never do so in her life.

Thonnen is, in some says, the artistic opposite of her boyfriend, Roland. Whereas he focuses on real, marketable subject matter and primarily uses digital media, Thonnen prefers the surreal and the abstract, and mostly uses sculpture and painting. She does not do art for the money or recognition by any stretch of the imagination, and would much rather make art with meaning and impact, even if no one buys it.

Fortunately, she’s very good at what she does, and has already been featured in many local art shows, and has sold a decent amount of her works. She has made more money from her art than Roland has, certainly to his chagrin.

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