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Fan Art!
Apparently, people have SO much spare time on their hands, that they sometimes decide to make me fan art. Crazy. Click on the pictures for bigger versions, I think you know how it rolls by now.
If you've got fan art, by all means send it to me and I'll post it up. Yes, I'll even link to whatever your webpage is (be it DeviantArt, your webcomic, LJ, whatever).
by Lisa
Artie, Again
by The-Black-Knife
A Suspciously Happy Nicole
by Anonymous

A Tribute to Mr. Dude
by Lisa
by Stina Kitsune
Roland in a Hammock
by Tuppy

Happy Holidays from the Warner Family!
by Tuppy
Immelmann (+guitar)
by Ukhet
Immelmann & Tyras
by Anonymous

Joel & Cthulhu
by Anonymous
More Artie!
by The-Black-Knife
Evil Joel
by Wicked Hatter

by Resurrected Daemon
Immy & QuetzaDrake, part one
by QuetzaDrake
Immy & QuetzaDrake, part two
by QuetzaDrake

Another Immelmann
by QuetzaDrake
by Feng Deadshot
Matt & Joel
by SoulFlyRED

Trippy Matt
by Sade
Matt and Joel
by Bob the Porcupine
Joel with Matt's Skin
by Dr Kurts Van Hassenphefer
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