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E-Mail: immelmann42 at gmail dot com
In real life, I'm not this skinny.

Immelmann (Immel for short, Immy if you want to be cute about it) is a graphic-arts student who lives in an underground cave somewhere in New England (that's in America, dumb ass) with his pet Pikachu, Tyras. His artistic portfolio includes visual design, web design, voice acting, animation, poetry, and music. He likes metal, is addicted to caffeine (in the form of Dr. Pepper, he hates coffee), and absolutely refuses to play DDR.

A furry (regrettably), he has been in and out of the furry fandom for a number of years. He has classified himself as a vast number of different species over his life (this current fursona is estimated to be his 14th iteration), but, hoping to attach a consistent identity to the comic, has settled on a wolf-rabbit hybrid.

His name, "Immelmann", comes from the anime Last Exile, which, in turn, takes the name from the WWII German fighter pilot Max Immelmann. The name was given to him by a good friend and made its first public appearance at Anime Boston 2006.

Art has played a key role his entire life - indeed, his earliest memories are of his childhood artwork. His earliest artistic stages often focused on dinosaurs, ghosts, and dragons (dinosaurs + wings).

His first job was at a local movie theater, where he worked for a little under three years before quitting to start college. Predictably, the job drove him a little crazy as he grew increasingly intolerant towards people in general, not at all helped by an emotionally-corrupting break up with his first girlfriend (ah, young love...)
As he worked at the theater, he slowly gathered a small collection of comic-worthy jokes and stories, usually written on napkins along with song lyrics and other such flares of imagination. At the end of one long summer vacation, he forced himself into an ultimatum - make a web comic, or make music. The comics won.

He spent most of his life as a Christian, but has since ceased such silly antics. Each week he goes to the Outback Steak House with friends and is currently practicing the art of puns, bad jokes, and being a general asshole. He speaks Sarcasm as a second language.

He is an Aries, enjoys anime, and loves the sound of rain. He is currently in a relationship with a nice little fox boy and dreams to one day move to a quieter place in the country.

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Concession, Phase III: "Abysmo"; ©2006-2007 Immelmann.
Please do not copy or redistribute without permission under penalty of burnination.
Le Concession est accueilli sur Le Genesis de Comic, l'accueil libre d'un enchaînement et le service d'automation d'emplacement pour des bandes dessinées d'enchaînement. (Je ne parle pas français.)