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The Concession Chatroom
We have a chatroom! Come on in and meet me, Immelmann!
The Concession Chatroom is hosted on Furnet, an IRC network.

Join us every Monday and Thursday night at 10pm EST as we usher in the new comic!

Channel: #Concession
Available servers:
Server NameIP AdressLocation
panther.furnet.org217.24.218.165Frankfurt, Germany, Europe
greylion.furnet.org81.223.132.91Vienna, Austria, Europe
alicorn.furnet.org69.60.111.192Fort Lauterdale, CA, USA
wolf.furnet.org204.152.189.176Redwood City, CA, USA
lynx.furnet.org217.71.160.107Nuremberg, Germany

How to Connect:
Option One: Gogloom
Click here to launch the in-browser chat via Gogloom.

Option Two: Download Something
Visual IRC
Ice Chat
ChatZilla (FireFox plug-in)

Do NOT venture into the other channels of Furnet. They may contain extremely graphic sexual situations. Extremely bizarre sexual situations. You have been warned.

Chatroom Rules:
1. Moderator rule is LAW.
Current moderators: Immelmann, Tyras (consider it a bot)
2. No Cybersex/Yiff
Mature talk is okay, and common place, but there is to be no outright role-playing intercourse
3. At least *try* to have some respect for each other.
Don't be a dick.
4. Do not use the /nick command to assume the role of a Concession character.

Basic IRC Commands:
/join -- Joins a channel. Follow this with the channel name (and remember, most channels start with a # or something).
Example: /join #Concession generates Anonymous has joined #Concession.
/nick -- Changes your display name. Follow it with the nick name you wish to use. Please don't abuse this command.
Example: /nick Joel generates Anonymous is now known as Joel.
/me -- The role-playing command. Follow this with an action to create... well, I'll show you:
Example: /me throws a rock at Immelmann generates Joel throws a rock at Immelmann.

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Concession, Phase III: "Abysmo"; 2006-2007 Immelmann.
Please do not copy or redistribute without permission under penalty of burnination.
Concession is hosted on Comic Genesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. Believe it!